RIFT Progress "How does it work?!"

RIFT Progress is a raid progression tracking website for Trion Worlds' MMORPG RIFT. Our goal is to provide an in-depth look at the progress and performance of guilds participating in any and all raid content in RIFT.

Due to the lack of a backend API or Armory from Trion Worlds, our only method of data collection has been through crowd-sourcing. Participating guilds will have to register their guild on the website and manually input their kill information. All kills must be supplied with a valid screenshot for it to remain on the site.

All submissions are auto-verified by supplying a screenshot. Given the varied nature in quality of screenshots, the act of crowd-policing takes place and invalid or fraud kill submissions are to be reported to the site administrator for removal.

Guilds that upload kills on our site are immediately subjected to our standings and point ranking systems. The following is a description and example of how these systems work:

Standings represent your basic ranking of guilds based on how many completed encounters they have in a specific dungeon.
Rank Guild Progress Activity
1 Guild A 4/4 Last Kill 01/10/2011
2 Guild B 2/4 Last Kill 01/04/2011
3 Guild C 1/4 Last Kill 01/10/2011
Point Rankings
Point Rankings lists guilds based on specific point system criteria. Each point system may list guilds differently from your base standings so please be sure to go over each system to understand the point criteria.
  • Quality Progression
    • All encounters except the final dungeon encounter have a base point value (currently 1,000). A dungeon's final encounter base point value (currently 5,000) is modified by the number of encounters in the dungeon. A guild's point value is accumulative until the final encounter is completed in which that point value will overwrite the previous encounter values. Standard rate of decay applies.
    • Point Formula: BPV * Decay
  • Aeyths Point
    • All encounters start with a base point value (currently 1,000) and is modified by the current active number of guilds in the dungeon. Standard rate of decay applies.
    • Point Formula: (NbG/NbGD) * StartValue * Decay
  • Aeyths Point Flat
    • All encounters will use a base point value (currently 2,500) and is never modified. Standard rate of decay applies.
    • Point Formula: BPV * Decay
  • Standard Rate of Decay: -exp(NbT/50)
Guild Date Quality Progression Aeyths Point Aeyths Point Flat
Encounter A (# of Kills: 63/63 Guilds)
Guild A 09-18-2013 11:15 (#1) 1,000.00 1,000.00 2,500.00
Guild B 09-18-2013 11:42 (#2) 999.63 999.63 2,499.06
Guild C 09-23-2013 01:12 (#3) 912.45 912.45 2,281.12
Encounter B (# of Kills: 52/63 Guilds) *AP Start Value: (63/52) * 1,000 = 1,211.54 *AP Encounter Value: (63/52) * 1,211.54 = 1,467.83 (Rounded)
Guild B 09-18-2013 13:43 (#1) 1,000.00 1,468.38 2,500.00
Guild A 09-18-2013 17:00 (#2) 997.27 1,464.37 2,493.17
Guild C 02-24-2013 02:11 (#3) 895.49 1,314.92 2,238.71
Encounter C (Final Encounter) (# of Kills: 40) *QP Base Value: (5000 * 3) + (1000 * 3) = 18,000,
Guild B 09-20-2013 21:08 (#1) 18,000.00 2,480.63 2,500.00
Guild A 09-18-2013 17:00 (#2) 15,085.02 1,998.56 2,014.17
Guild C -- -- -- --
Dungeon Score (Highest Killed Encounter: 63) *QP Note: Final Encounter score overrides dungeon accumulated score
Guild B -- 18,000.00 4,948.63 7,499.06
Guild A -- 15,085.02 4,462.93 7,007.34
Guild C -- 1,807.94 2,227.36 4,519.83

Number of Guilds Evaluated

Number of Guilds Downed Encounter

Time after World First Encounter Clear

Number of Most Killed Encounter

Number of Kills for Specific Encounter

Base Encounter Point Value