Greybriar NT1 - Nightmare Tide

Server Details
Server Name Greybriar
Region NA
Guilds 45
Region Firsts 4
World Firsts 1
Tyrant's Forge Standings
1Rekt3/3 TF
2Nephilim3/3 TF
3Jynxed3/3 TF
4Crayons2/3 TF
5-Vendetta-2/3 TF
6Lucidium2/3 TF
7White Fang2/3 TF
8The Dawntreaders2/3 TF
9Defer Death1/3 TF
10Away From Reality1/3 TF
11Mistakes Were Made1/3 TF
Mount Sharax Standings
1-Vendetta-5/5 MS
2Lucidium5/5 MS
3Crayons5/5 MS
4White Fang5/5 MS
5Nephilim5/5 MS
6Rekt5/5 MS
7Jynxed5/5 MS
8Defer Death5/5 MS
910 Inches Unbuffed4/5 MS
10The Dawntreaders2/5 MS
11Away From Reality1/5 MS
The Rhen of Fate Standings
1-Vendetta-4/4 RoF
2Rekt4/4 RoF
3Lucidium4/4 RoF
4Crayons4/4 RoF
510 Inches Unbuffed4/4 RoF
6White Fang4/4 RoF
7Nephilim4/4 RoF
8Jynxed4/4 RoF
9Defer Death4/4 RoF
10Violent Tendenciez2/4 RoF
11FURY1/4 RoF
WF World First
RF Region First
SF Server First
CF Country First
WR World Rank
RR Region Rank
SR Server Rank
CR Country Rank