Greybriar SL1 - Storm Legion

Server Details
Server Name Greybriar
Region NA
Guilds 45
Region Firsts 17
World Firsts 1
Intrepid: Drowned Halls Standings
1Fracture4/4 DH
210 Inches Unbuffed4/4 DH
3Ascendance4/4 DH
4The Dawntreaders4/4 DH
5Silhouette4/4 DH
Triumph of the Dragon Queen Standings
1Addiction4/4 TDQ
2Lucidium4/4 TDQ
3The Chosen4/4 TDQ
4Mutiny4/4 TDQ
5Everlasting Vendetta4/4 TDQ
6White Fang4/4 TDQ
7Crayons4/4 TDQ
8Order of Shadow4/4 TDQ
9Unity.4/4 TDQ
1010 Inches Unbuffed4/4 TDQ
11Too Many Buttons4/4 TDQ
12Allegiance4/4 TDQ
13TKagi Ro4/4 TDQ
14Jynxed4/4 TDQ
15Ascendance4/4 TDQ
16Pyre4/4 TDQ
17The Dawntreaders4/4 TDQ
18Silhouette4/4 TDQ
Endless Eclipse Standings
1Addiction5/5 EE
2Lucidium5/5 EE
3The Chosen5/5 EE
4Order of Shadow5/5 EE
5Crayons5/5 EE
6Mutiny5/5 EE
710 Inches Unbuffed5/5 EE
8Jynxed5/5 EE
9White Fang5/5 EE
10Nephilim5/5 EE
11Pyre5/5 EE
12Ascendance5/5 EE
13TKagi Ro5/5 EE
14Everlasting Vendetta4/5 EE
15Too Many Buttons4/5 EE
16Silhouette4/5 EE
17The Dawntreaders4/5 EE
18Unity.2/5 EE
19Allegiance2/5 EE
20Fracture2/5 EE
Frozen Tempest Standings
1Addiction4/4 FT
2Lucidium4/4 FT
3The Chosen4/4 FT
4Order of Shadow4/4 FT
510 Inches Unbuffed4/4 FT
6Mutiny4/4 FT
7White Fang4/4 FT
8Crayons4/4 FT
9Unity.4/4 FT
10Jynxed4/4 FT
11Everlasting Vendetta4/4 FT
12Nephilim4/4 FT
13Pyre4/4 FT
14Allegiance4/4 FT
15Too Many Buttons4/4 FT
16TKagi Ro4/4 FT
17Ascendance4/4 FT
18Silhouette4/4 FT
19The Dawntreaders4/4 FT
20Bottom Line2/4 FT
21Fracture1/4 FT
WF World First
RF Region First
SF Server First
CF Country First
WR World Rank
RR Region Rank
SR Server Rank
CR Country Rank