Laethys SL1 - Storm Legion

Server Details
Server Name Laethys
Region NA
Guilds 18
Region Firsts
World Firsts
Intrepid: Drowned Halls Standings
1Trinity4/4 DH
2Holy Wisdom4/4 DH
3Nefarious4/4 DH
4Rise of the Forgotten4/4 DH
Triumph of the Dragon Queen Standings
1Trinity4/4 TDQ
2Nefarious4/4 TDQ
3Holy Wisdom4/4 TDQ
4Rise of the Forgotten4/4 TDQ
Endless Eclipse Standings
1Trinity5/5 EE
2Nefarious5/5 EE
3Holy Wisdom5/5 EE
4Rise of the Forgotten4/5 EE
5Blitz1/5 EE
6Is Not Lootable1/5 EE
Frozen Tempest Standings
1Trinity4/4 FT
2Nefarious4/4 FT
3Holy Wisdom4/4 FT
4Rise of the Forgotten4/4 FT
5Blitz1/4 FT
WF World First
RF Region First
SF Server First
CF Country First
WR World Rank
RR Region Rank
SR Server Rank
CR Country Rank