Maelforge (Hard Mode) Progression Standings

Encounter Details
Name Maelforge (Hard Mode)
Dungeon Bindings of Blood
Tier Bindings of Blood (SL3)
Raid Size 20
Release Date 2014-04-16
EU Time Diff 0 Days 8 Hours 0 Minutes
WW Clears 1
NA Clears 0
EU Clears 1
First Kill Arm Dearg
Recent Kill Arm Dearg
Maelforge (Hard Mode) Standings
Rank Guild Server Date Completed Time Difference Server Achieved WR RR SR Kill Video(s) Screenshot
Worldwide Standings
1 Arm Dearg EU-Zaviel 2015-01-09 05:09:00 --- EU-Zaviel
WF World First RF Region First SF Server First WR World Rank RR Region Rank SR Server Rank